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Founder & CEO- Ohad Bendror​


With our breakthrough patent-protected technology and advanced capabilities in materials and bioprinting, NanoSpun harnesses the power of biology to create superior live and active cell-based products and solutions.  We solve many of the industry's long-standing production challenges to deliver on the promise of a new generation of biological-based products made from live and active cells and organisms.

Our current partners and customers include renowned global companies in the skincare, personal care, bioprocessing and advanced materials spaces.  Since its incorporation in 2011, NanoSpun has harnessed and transformed a groundbreaking academic innovation from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology into a robust, proprietary, and disruptive industrial technology.  Beginning with a modest technology lab over a decade ago, through to our current and extensive R&D and production facility in Yokneam High Tech Park in Israel, NanoSpun has successfully evolved its technology into new levels of technical and manufacturing excellence.  We have completed key phases of advanced research and development, engineering, and production ramp-up to establish NanoSpun as a pioneer and global frontrunner in the bio-printing space.



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