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President- Ted Bolin​


BoMax Hydrogen, LLC (formed in early 2014) is moving towards fundamentally changing the energy economy by closing the gaps between where hydrogen, the most promising energy solution, is produced and where it is used by industry and consumers.

We have developed and patented a process by which a light-activated catalyst paired with bioorganic molecules can be used to generate 100% clean hydrogen. The BoMax “box” can be located wherever hydrogen is used eliminating the need for risky, wasteful transportation.

  • BoMax opened its biochemistry lab at the Space Life Sciences Lab at Kennedy Space Center in 2016 with the purpose of optimizing the production of green hydrogen with the BoMax Box.

  • Three things make the BoMax system work – nanoparticles, enzymes from soil bacteria, and visible light

  • 100% clean hydrogen made without fossil fuels, rare metals, or hazardous byproducts.

  • Optimization has led to decreasing size in the alpha prototype making it more affordable and competitive with conventional hydrogen production methods.

As we continue our research, the BoMax Box has decreased in size, making it a viable solution for inexpensive, clean, sustainable hydrogen produced on site. And we’re not done. We envision a future where a Bomax Box can be installed anywhere—from remote locations to residential homes—and become as ubiquitous as solar panels are today.



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